Who do you feel sorry for, and why do you feel sorry for them?

I feel sorry for this man, Brian Banks. He had his entire life ahead of him coming out of school. He was proposed to be one of the best football players America had ever seen. Until a cheerleader accused him of rape and he was sent to jail.

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He spent 5 years in jail, and then 5 years on a strict probation, until 2012, 10 years after she accused him of it, she came out and said she lied about it and he had done no wrong.

10 years of his life were just ruined by some woman who, for some reason, decided to make such a horrible accusation against a great human being.

And at first they weren’t going to punish the woman, but now she rightly has to pay some 2 million dollars for all the pain, suffering and loss of life she caused this poor man.

Sometimes you have to believe that not everything the women are claiming is true, while it is extremely hard to try and doubt a girl/woman who is coming out and saying she was raped, harassed, Etc. you have to do it or you end up with more people like Brian. No one deserves to be wrongfully imprisoned. No one.

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