What did you learn too late in life?

  • Bollywood is garbage.
  • Looks matter. Agree or not. (A hot Fboy might be a topic of discussion in girl’s DM but an average looking honest guy won’t be. “personal opinion”)
  • Your parents aren’t dumb. Even if they’re not educated. (because we all think this during our teenage. Their words have always come up to be true in my life.)
  • Don’t be ashamed of your parents’ financial conditions. They strive hard to provide us the best in every aspect. I’ve been ashamed of our financial conditions but I was a kid back then. Don’t make this mistake.
  • Counselling is must in every stage of life. (specially in teenage.)
  • A choice that seems promising today might become your greatest regret. (I chose Petroleum Engineering despite my parents asking me to try SSC, UPSC. The oil industry was at boom when I decided and in the 2nd year itself it shattered my dreams. People were getting fired. I was still hopeful but now during coronavirus pandemic we all saw crude prices reached negative. And yeah, now I’m preparing for exams.)
  • Learn investment. If you’re 14–18 year old reading this answer, you’ll be enough thankful if you start learning about investing today. Just btw, even if you’re 25+ you should start learning if you’re totally unaware.
  • Prefer books over TV and youtube. (Carry Minati won’t send you money for your monthly expenses, neither BB or Ashish Chanchlani will. Go read some self help books.)
  • Talk to your parents. They don’t tell us what’s bothering them. Always observe and talk.
  • Time is much more valuable than money. I wish If I could buy back last 4–5 years of my life.
  • Anyone can leave you any moment. Your bestfriends, your girlfriend, your family. Nothing is permanent. Learn to be self sufficient.
  • Work on your skills. If you don’t have any. It’s high time you learn and develop some.
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