What 10 things have you stopped doing in your life?

  1. Stopped assuming that my parents are going to live forever.
    1. Both my parents are going to be 50, soon. I don’t want to mourn someday that I din’t love them enough, while they were alive.
  2. Stopped believing that just because X hurt me, Y would hurt me, too.
    1. That way, there’s hardly any point to living you know. You need to let go and trust people, despite being hurt by someone else. Repeat after me: Love everyone or perish.
  3. Stopped running after soulmate.
    1. Once you start knowing yourself, enough, then there’s hardly any desire left for someone to walk into your life and complete you. Not that I’m a celibate, it’s just that I have made peace with myself, now.
  4. Stopped arguing with people who just want to prove their point right.
    1. I like maturity. Admitting where you went wrong, where I went wrong, where we went wrong and working on it for a better outcome.
  5. Stopped valuing money more than time.
    1. In my 20’s, I need not to worry about having a million dollars. Rather, I’d love to grow as a person. For that, I prefer reading a lot. I’d always put time above anything else for the time being.
  6. Stopped feeding my ego.
    1. There’s a very thin line between ego and self-respect. People often lose their relationships over ego, which they earlier thought was self-respect. Whenever there’s a clash between me and my friends, I make sure to be the first one to sit, and resolve the matter.
  7. Stopped scrolling social media uselessly.
    1. I’m active on Instagram. Mostly, I go there, undue all the stories(it doesn’t take long) and search for my favorite pages straightaway. Thought Catalog, seeds of consciousness, out law poets. That way, I don’t regret wasting my time.
  8. Stopped doing things that don’t add value to my life.
    1. I read(adds value to my life). I write(adds value to my life). I love(adds value to my life). I exercise(adds value to my life). Whatever I do, I make sure that it adds value to my life.
  9. Stopped learning stuff to impress people.
    1. To be honest, I’d started writing on Facebook for fun. And once I had my little share of it, it feels nothing. Believe me. Similarly, a thought lay in my mind, for long, that I have to learn guitar. ‘Why?’ I asked myself. ‘To get the attention of girls’ was the answer. I dropped the idea right then and there.
  10. Stopped treating my body like a dead shark.
    1. I need to keep hustling to let my body function properly. I make sure to exercise every single day in whatever ways possible. Recently, I’ve been playing table tennis for three hours straight.

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Santosian Noor is a Kenyan Environmental Engineer, Wildlife film producer, and director of film and television. He is best known as wildlife conservationist and the Author of "THE CRY FOR ELEPHANTS", "THE LAST TUSKS", "THE CRY OF A SON", and "THE MISSING ELEPHANTS"

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