Is New York City really the greatest city in the world or is that just hype?

New York can only be compared to London and Tokyo, and that is a big “If…”. we have been in all three of them.

Tokyo is a bigger version of New York, but it is just too homogeneous. I love Tokyo but it doesn’t offer the diversity that both London and New York offer. So I’ll leave my Japanese friends in third place.

London is great. There are many things to do, and the architecture probably tops both New York and Tokyo. I have spent many months in London before I went to live in Germany, and I will always say that London is the greatest city in Europe. It overshadows Paris easy. It is definitely my second place.

New York, here is why I think this city is the “Greatest City in the World”, and why people are right when they call it the “World’s Capital”. New York is recognized by that name because: It is the financial, and cultural capital of the world since World War II, and though London took its place after 9/11, New York just recently took it back after this Brexit thing happened.

New York overtakes London as world’s financial capital amid Brexit chaos, survey claims 2019

New York surges ahead of London as financial centre, survey finds 2020

BUT, let me put these financial reasons aside, and let me tell you my personal reasons.

  • The weather in New York is an experience. Those humid summers, those bitter cold winters, and the beautiful fall and spring you get to see in New York you will never experience in London.
  • The fact that New York is not as old as London is a good thing, not a bad thing. New York is a mixture of old, and new architecture. During the 1900s it showed the whole world what the human being can build. New York is ‘thundering’. Those buildings make you feel like a little ant. It is what people in the past dreamed about what a city in the future would look like.
  • Both London and New York are mega diverse, but I get to see more foreigners in New York from all over the world, and nationals from the U.S. New York is a place where nobody belongs to, but at the same time everyone does. It’s hard to explain. The Statue of Liberty, Little Italy and Chinatown are proof that New York is a city made by immigrants.
  • Something I love about New York is that you can walk in Manhattan around 3:00am on a Monday, and you would think is 8:00pm. This city is 24hrs. Unlike London where Sundays are totally dead. Tokyo also shares a little of this with NY.
  • New York offers SO MUCH. I mean there are restaurants from all over the world, many parks, events all the time in Central Park, Bryant Park…. not even to mention Broadway, because I’m not rich enough. Don’t get me wrong, London also has plenty things to do, but New York is totally more vivid.
  • Walking the streets of New York are the only ones that made me feel in a movie. Not Paris, and not London. Who wouldn’t recognize those streets where Spiderman, Batman, the Avengers, and all these superheroes used to show us?
  • There are landmarks everywhere. Although I learned to “hate” Times Squares and most of tourist places just because I have been there plenty times, they still excite me. Just knowing that I’m there, in that city…

Every human being needs to visit New York, London and Tokyo at least once in a life. All three cities have many imperfections. Some crime, some poverty, and unfortunately that’s what you get when you live in such places. Tokyo is the most clean city of the three, I’ll give them that for sure.

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Santosian Noor is a Kenyan Environmental Engineer, Wildlife film producer, and director of film and television. He is best known as wildlife conservationist and the Author of "THE CRY FOR ELEPHANTS", "THE LAST TUSKS", "THE CRY OF A SON", and "THE MISSING ELEPHANTS"

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