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Santosian Academy is about influencing the society, we creates courses that will help a better understanding of what you should or you must understand in real and into details. Santosian Noor: An Environmental & Biosystem Engineer from university of Nairobi ( 2010-2015) found it import to impact the world not just sharing his scientist experience but the global impact saving the world and protecting the universe in a unique way. These course will be a life changer to learn about Nature, wildlife, Science and other daily life hacks.

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We work with the professions-Engineers/Conservationist/Professors etc bringing you the best course at your comfort

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This was the best online platform where I was able to learn more about conservation, Elephants, Nature and animals in general

Mary Scott



Can I just enroll in a single course?

This courses are made for everyone and is optional for to choose what course to take

What is the refund policy?

We only give refunds only and only when the course you applied is not available

What background knowledge is necessary?

In all courses we create we don’t require student or learner to have in advance knowledge of computer.Basically you need to know only how to use computer and internet.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

No way, take any random course of your choise.